Boon Framboise 75cl Bottle

  • Type:Fruit & flavoured
  • ABV:6.2%

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Boon Framboise

Framboise is Brussels' summer drink!

Raspberry Lambic was once a rarity and was only a few weeks in the summer produced.Brouwerij Frank Boon was the first in the summer of 1976 again a raspberry lambic to prepare. More than 300 grams per liter of fresh raspberry lambic give Framboise Boon its fresh fruity flavor. In turn supports the young lambic taste of raspberries. But not the lambic dominates, but the raspberries. Of course we do not use artificial flavors, only real raspberries. This Framboise Boon has an alcohol volume of 6.2%. Drink it when it is fresh.

Classic Framboise.

brewery Boon
country Belgian Beer
styles Fruit & Flavoured Beer
ABV% 6.2%
Size 75cl
Serving Temp 6-8'c