Big Strong Beers

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Strand White Sand   +£11.80
Westmalle Tripel   +£3.25
St Bernardus Abt 12   +£3.50
Kwak   +£2.85
Delirium Tremens   +£3.20
Bush Scaldis   +£4.00
Troubadour Magma   +£2.80
Hercule Stout   +£3.50
La Trappe Quadrupel   +£3.55
Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel   +£3.60
Free Glass   +£0.20

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This case is not just about strong beer, or the strongest beers that you might find in the beer world, but it's about great beers. It's not just the abv but also the taste that has to be there for a beer to qualify for this case. All the beers are big and bold with the flavours ranging from big Belgian Trappists to double IPA's from London and Barley Wines from the States. This case is a dream for the beer aficionado (or their bestest pal) to buy as it will take their taste buds to a new level of enjoyment.