American Craft Beer Mixed Case

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Kona Big Wave can   +£2.20
Cigar City Lager   +£5.30
Belching Beaver Hop HIghway   +£4.05
Brooklyn Lager   +£2.40
Redhook Longhammer IPA   +£2.40
Cismontane IPA Coulter   +£3.70
Tap it Camino Amber   +£3.00
Omission Gluten Free Lager   +£2.70
Lagunitas IPA   +£2.95
Kona Longboard Lager can   +£2.40
Anchor Steam   +£2.50
Black Market Brewing Co. Aftermath   +£3.50

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The Americans are generally credited with the rise of the new beer scene and with good reason. They have been pushing the boundaries of beer making since the early/mid 80's when the likes of Seirra Nevada started to add more hops to the traditional brews they were seeing right up to Rogue adding doughnuts to a brew. This mixed case showcases the beers that set the world alight and the ones that are new to these shores for your tasting delight.