Vedett Extra Blonde

  • Type:Lager
  • ABV:5.2%

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Vedett - Easy drinking and thirst quenching, hoppy-malty, Belgian Pils.

Vedett is a crisp, dry, Blonde pilsener brewed by Duvel Moortgat, since 1951 originally named Export but renamed Vedett along with a quirky marketing campaign. Vedett, a Blond, light, well hopped premium beer with 5.2% alcohol content, is the cult Duvel Moortgat beer today: following its birth in 1945, it quickly acquired fame and recognition within an intimate circle of insiders in the Antwerp-Brussels region. But do not think for a moment that this old-timer is thinking about retirement, quite the contrary. For the past years, Vedett has been going through a second childhood in a number of trendy cafés located mainly in big cities. The secret of its charm? A retro-look, a capricious taste, Vedett-allure and the "golden touch" of the brewery. These past years, the brewery armed Vedett with an innovative, hip, young and slightly absurd image.

Vedett is the cult Duvel Moortgat beer with a retro look and innovative packaging. As Andy Warhol once said, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Every 3 months around 250 people will have their photo on more than 5000 bottles delivered to bars.

brewery Duvel Moortgat
country Belgian Beer
styles Lager
ABV% 5.2%
Size Canned
Serving Temp 3-5'c