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    Great Value Mixed Cases

    Enjoy a great selection of mixed cases of beers to drink at home. You can order our bespoke mixed cases which offer great value for money and the opportunity to try beers of a certain style, or make your own selection from over 200 different beers All delivered fast to your door
  • American Beer

    American Craft Beer!

    From tasteless mass-produced beers a decade ago, innovative, flavoursome American ales from a thriving craft brewing scene can now be found right here! Enjoy beers from celebrated American Brewers; Sierra Nevada, Kona, Brooklyn, Widmer, Goose Island, Anchor and more...
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    Huyghe Brewery

    You'll know Delirium, Floris, La Guilotine these all emerge from the wonderful Huyghe Brewery, Gent. The family owned, Huyghe Brewery, in Melle, near Ghent, brews a great many different beers - buy them all here
  • German Beer

    German Beer

    Beer is synonymous with Germany, and obviously a major part of German culture. For many years German beer was brewed in adherence to the Reinheitsgebot which only permitted water, hops and malt as beer ingredients until its repeal in 1988. See our range of German beers, from Paulaner and Hacker Pschorr
  • Belgian Beer

    Our most popular styles of beer are Belgian. It is claimed that Belgian beer comprises the most diverse national collection of quality beer in the world

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  • Beer Lao

    Beer Lao is a premium authentic lager brewed from a unique blend of the best traditions of East and West. A fine, near cult classic lager

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  • Beer Gifts

    Find a selection of Belgian Beer Gift Packs as well as Beer Books, Beer Soaps, Beer Glasses and more

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Belgian Beer

Our most popular styles of beer are Belgian. Some of the best beers of Europe come from Belgium. It is claimed that Belgian beer comprises the most diverse national collection of quality beer in the world, and varies from the popular pale lagers to lambic beer and Flemish red. There is a wide variety of beers available to buy online, but this only represents a small portion available - over 500 types of Belgian beer are brewed by over 125 breweries in Belgium. If you are looking for a unique and hugely popular beer, Belgian beer is the choice for you!

American Craft Beer

Celebrating the best of American Craft Beer, we've some of the best craft beers from great breweries: Kona, Goose Island, Sierra Nevada, Widmer, Redhook. Craft Beer in the United States is manufactured by more than 1,700 breweries, which range in size from industry giants to brew pubs and microbreweries. A burgeoning exciting and influencing Craft Beer scene, certainly it's foot print is larger than it's production. American Beer has certainly in recent years become doyen of the global beer world. Why not try our American Beer Mixed Case?

Beer Gifts

Looking for gifts for Fathers Day, Christmas, special birthdays? Nothing will put a smile on a beer enthusiasts face more than one of our Beer Gift Packs and Beer Gift Vouchers. Combining some of the finest beers from around the world with some wonderful, unique glasses and accessories, our packs make the perfect Beer Gift. Our range of Beer Gift Packs also contain a great variety of beers of Europe, from Fruli Beer to Kwak and Duvel Beers, so we are sure to have the perfect gift for Beer lovers.